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April 2009

HippoJuice News Archives from April 2009:

What is Mogulus?| FX! International Convention 2009 | How to Make a Zombie | Tate's Sweet 16

4/27/09: What Exactly IS Mogulus?

MogulusIt seems like everywhere we go, HippoJuice is asked "What do you guys do?" When we explain we do YouTube sketches and a podcast, the next question is always
"What is a podcast?"

OK, maybe not everywhere. We know a lot of people who are very internet savvy. But it does make us wonder if people are not aware of how great podcasts can be. There have been so many developments in the world of internet broadcasting and it is a shame so many people are not taking advantage - because most sites are still FREE! That's right, free marketing and advertising.

HippoJuice has been using mogulus.com for broadcasting our podcast for the past two months. We looked at blogtalkradio.com and stickam.com too, but Mogulus just seems to work best for what we want to do. It offers live audio and video streaming, as well as a chat room so that anyone viewing the show can talk to each other. You can "cue up" videos and play them for the room and then switch right back to your web cam. Mogulus even records the show, and offers an "On-Demand" feature so people can play back old shows at any time (did I mention this is FREE?)!

HippoPod Screen ShotMogulus is laid out a little like YouTube - you have your own account and you can browse accounts by popularity or by category. It shows you statistics like how many people have viewed your page, and offers places for you to post related links, and you can even custom design your page with a banner image.

Really, the only problem we have noticed so far is that Mogulus takes up a lot of your computer's CPU while it's running, so don't plan on multi-tasking while watching a show. Also, if there is a large audience in the room, the video and chat feed can get a bit choppy.

Something fun happened to HippoJuice on April Fool's Day. Anthony Cumia, co-star of the Opie and Anthony Show, stumbled into our Mogulus chat room and listened to our podcast. He was exploring the site as he was preparing for his own account on www.mogulus.com/anthonyradio, and ended up enjoying the show. Because of this, we have had a lot of back and forth traffic between "Hippojuicefilm" and "Anthonyradio" because we have both plugged each other's mogulus account several times. The networking power of this Mogulus is truly surprising. People in the chat room really enjoy sharing networking information like each other's Mogulus or Twitter accounts, web sites, articles, pictures, and videos. Twitter seems to be the most popular link because it becomes the easiest way to announce when someone is about to go live.

If you haven't already done so, please check out our podcast at www.mogulus.com/hippojuicefilm, as well as the #1 most popular show right now on Mogulus, www.mogulus.com/anthonyradio.

4/20/09 (Hehe): FX! International Convention 2009

This weekend Nate, Royce, and Marie traveled once again to Orlando, FL for another comic convention: FX! International. Event planners, vendors, and dealers were a bit disappointed due to a slow turn out. But despite the lack of people, it was still quite an amazing show. The guest lineup was what we would call impressive for a convention: Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek) and James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) were the headliners, but also sitting in the row of celebrities were James Kyson Lee (Ando from Heroes), Julie Benz (Dexter and Buffy), Clare Kramer (Buffy and Bring it on), Morena Baccarin and Jewel Staite (from Firefly), and Cerina Vincent (Areola from Not Another Teen Movie) to name a few.

The convention was in the same place that Megacon was held in just a few months ago, however we felt that the FX setup was much better. They had all the celebrities on one side, and a main stage where panels were held on the other, which made the attendees walk through all the vendor’s booths to see the events and the actors.

Marie and Sandy with James LeeBaby Touch And Go

James Lee and Cerina Vincent were a joy to meet. HippoJuice got to ask James a few questions about being on the show Heroes on NBC. He said the writers strike slowed some things up in Season 2, but they are basically caught up now and he said to look forward to an exciting ending to Season 3. He was also promoting his movie Akira's Hip Hop Shop. Cerina was promoting her new Art Baltazar HippoJuicebook How to Love Like a Hot Chick, the sequel to How to Eat Like a Hot Chick. Both stars seemed to enjoy the convention, and enjoy the fans. They could be seen at the Wolf Pack Elite’s after party Saturday night talking with fans and taking pictures. James participated in the poker tournament on Friday and won, and even hopped onto a security guard's Segway on Sunday and rode around the convention waving at people – which looked like a LOT of fun! Others, like Jewel Staite, abstained from unofficial pictures because they were told not to take any since… "It takes money away from the hired photographers." So even though HippoJuice had press passes, we were denied a picture with Jewel and Morena from the TV show Firefly. Sorry folks.

HippoJuice was disappointed to see that there were not a lot of cosplayers at this convention. At Megacon a few months ago, just driving up to the Orlando Convention Center you saw people dressed up walking on International Drive. This weekend we had to search around the dealer booths to find good costumes because many of the attendants were dressed in normal clothes. We still were able to talk to a few, including two Cosplay Deviants, Belle AKA.PikaBelleChu–a woman who is in the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest Pickachu collection in the world, and some local artists dressed in their own costumes, for our documentary. We also got to meet and take some pictures with one of the writers from Students of the Unusual comics Terry Cronin, and get a HippoJuice sketch done by Art Baltazar.

All in all, it was a good convention with a slow turn out, which is really a shame because it had the potential to be amazing. Hopefully next year the word will get out a little better. HippoJuice would like to give a special thank you to James Lee and Cerina Vincent for the pictures, interviews, and the autographs.

4/11/09: How HippoJuice Turned Royce into a Zombie

Many of you have seen the pictures we posted on Facebook and Twitter of Royce as a zombie, and you may be asking yourself

“How did they make him look so AWESOME?”

Royce ZombieRoyce Zombie 2

Well, read on and we will let you in on our little secret.

Materials you will need:

  • Cosmetic liquid latex
  • Translucent matte acetate film (or any kind of flexible plastic)
  • Tissue paper (white or colored paper)
  • Face paint (red, white, black, tan)
  • Fake blood

Royce Zombie 3The first thing you are going to want to do is apply a base coat of skin-colored face paint to the area you are working with. This will make the skin matte and also keep the latex and tissue paper sticking to the skin.

Apply the liquid latex first, then stick the tissue paper onto the wet latex to create the shape of the loose skin. Apply more latex over top of the tissue when you are satisfied with the shape so that the form holds. If you are attempting to make "bone" show up through the cut, like we did on Royce's scull, place your pre-cut acetate or plastic on top of the tissue before sealing off the edges in more latex.

Wait for your latex-tissue-latex configuration to dry, and then you can make small cuts and tears into the tissue mass to make the skin look like it's falling off.

Once you have your skin shaped the way you want it, it's time to start painting! Use your tan color as a base, and then use red and black paint around the latex to make the skin look like it's bruising. Use more black for bruises and more red for blood. Fill in the tissue and latex with red paint, and dribble liquid "fake blood" into and around it to simulate the cut bleeding.

On the forehead, paint alternating lines of black and white to give highlights and lowlights to the forehead which will create "wrinkes." Smear black paint under the eyes to give that "raccoon effect." And finally, dribble any extra blood you feel is necessary to make your zombie look scary.

4/4/09: Tate's Sweet 16 Anniversary

Tate's Comics recently celebrated their 16th year in business with a "Sweet 16th Anniversary" party where Red Bull and candy was given away, and many of their items went on sale.

Tate's tent   Red Bull tent at Tate's

As one of the biggest comic book stores in South Florida, of course HippoJuice stopped by to do a little filming - AND a little buying. Marie put a guess in the "Guess How Many Jelly Beans?" jar, but sadly, she did not win. However, we all got plenty of Red Bulls and Air Heads, so we were pleased.

Marie and Katie at Tate's

If you haven't stopped by Tate's before, I suggest you do. Not only do they have comic books, but they also have a lot of really awesome statues, figurines, toys, and games. Click here for store location.


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