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February 2010

HippoJuice News Archives from February 2010:

Tommy Wiseau Interview

2/18/10: Tommy Wiseau, The Interview


Article by
Marie "I did not hit her" Sarkisian

Last night we had the acclaimed writer/actor/director/producer of The Room, Tommy Wiseau. Tommy was good enough to spend about 30 minutes on the phone with us to discuss his approach to creating The Room and to talk about other projects he's currently working on like the TV show The Neighbors and the documentary Homeless in America.

I could really tell Tommy's passion for acting and films in general as he tells us about his inspirations and influences. He has always been interested in film he says, but some may not have known his love for music and watching sports. In last night's interview, we discussed both and even asked him if he would consider making another movie about a musician/football player. His response was optimistic - [you never know].

Tommy is currently working hard to get The Neighbors off the ground. Here is the trailer to the TV show: theneighborssitcom.com. He told us he is open to work with anyone and is still looking for a TV station to pick it up, even offering to do some work with HippoJuice! We were absolutely honored to hear that.

Giving advice to young film makers, he explained his process and how he recommends everyone approach such a daunting task - to take it in little increments at a time. He told us to think about it in terms or working in 20%'s until you reach 100%. Well said, Tommy. I'm sure we can all take a page out of your book.

You can listen to the entire podcast on the Livestream.com replay from 2/17/2010. Just go to our podcast page to find our archives. You can also comment on the interview in our Geekerdome forum.

Hippojuice Interview with Tommy Wiseau Q&A

Tommy Wiseau's written answers to the HippoJuice interview questions:

1. General introduction (Where are you from, how did you get into film, what are you currently working on)

My name is Tommy Wiseau, an American actor, director. At this time I’m working on “The Neighbors” a sitcom, and I’m open to any TV network, which can work with me. Also I’m working on a vampire movie, and other projects.

2. Did you intend "The Room" to be a dark comedy from the beginning, or did you decide to call it a dark comedy after the film was done?

You must understand first the aspect about “The Room” and my approach to my creation. The more colors you have the better your project would be.

3. "The Room" reportedly cost $6 Million, how much did it earn?

First, if you work hard you can do anything. Second, I don’t like to talk about money.

4. How did you get your movie funded?

Again, I already answer your question. ( the answer above)

5. Do you embrace or hate the fact that your movie "the Room" is loved because it is Quote "So bad it's good"?

You can laugh, you can cry, you can express yourself, but please don’t hurt each other.

6. How long did you start physically training for your role in "The Room"?

First “The Room” is my twelve (12) year of my work. What do you mean physically?

7. What is your advice for young/starting out film makers?

Don’t think about 100%; first you must have 20% of your project,  and 40% etc. then you might reach 100% of your project. This simple formula can be apply to your  school, and other aspect in your life.


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