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January 2010

HippoJuice News Archives from January 2010:

New Year, Bitter Cold, and Sherlock Holmes | John's Stand Up Shoot Down

1/21/10: John's Stand Up Shoot Down


Article by
Marie "We're Evil" Sarkisian

OK, we're evil.

We spent nine minutes shooting John with a paint ball gun last night. Why? Well, it was kind of John's idea. He was asking for it.

You see, John recently started playing paint ball, and he was bragging about this and that and saying how awesome it is shooting at kids and 40-year-old virgins. And of course, there always comes the challenge in there. We ask "how much does it hurt?" and then it turns into this.

But to be fair, we did as for donations. John didn't put his body though that amount of pain for nothing. Listeners raised enough money for us to buy a new flip camera (so we will start posting more YouTube videos of show happenings) and a new audio mixer, which we desperately needed. So, if you think about it, John's a martyr.

Paint Ball Welts on Stomach

So yes, we did shoot John multiple times in the chest, crotch, and butt repeatedly while he told bad jokes. But it was for the good of the show. And I like to think that every ball that didn't break when hitting his skin is just a little reminder of all the fun we had.

Paint Ball pellets


1/21/10: New Year, Bitter Cold, and Sherlock Holmes


Article by
Marie "the Tens stinks" Sarkisian

Happy New Year! Yes, can we believe it, it's 2010. Only 5 more years before scientists invent hoverboards and businessmen wear 2 ties to work. And of course, we start the year off right with a bone chilling cold that even made its way into Miami.

We have spent the last week in freezing temperatures. Normally, this is the time of year where Floridians enjoy the one short cold snap where we can find an excuse to wear a sweater or boots. But this week has been no excuse. Low 30's at night, 40's during the day... I even saw a Canadian wearing a turtleneck instead of the usual board shorts and flip flops! I had friends that didn't know what to do when ice formed on their car windshields.

I have decided I am writing a letter to Florida's governor, Charlie Crist demanding a refund on my rent and power bill for this past December / January because this is NOT why I pay to live in Miami. And I am also writing a letter to Al Gore to demand he give back his Nobel Peace Prize for that movie of LIES he made about global warming.

The only thing to do in this kind of weather is sit in your Snuggie or Slanket and ride it out with Netflix, and going to the theater occasionally so you don't become a shut in.

What did we see this past weekend? Sherlock Holmes. I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed this movie. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are a fantastic detective/comedic combo. There were a few parts that made me 'lol' but overall it was just fun even when I wasn't laughing. Rachel McAdams played her part well, though I must say I found that mole (MOOOOLLLEEE) on the side of her face particularly more distracting than usual. Maybe it's because there was a scene where blood flowed over and then crusted onto it (eww). Finally, Mark Strong was OK. I wasn't terribly taken by his "bad guy magician act" but his snaggle tooth was frightening. Christoph Waltz is still my #1 bad guy from 2009's Inglourious Basterds.

But overall the movie was very strong. The ending wasn't so surprising, but I enjoyed the very typical Sherlock explanation that always happens at the end to wrap things up in a neat little package. But of course, there was the cliff hanger that leaves plenty of room open for Sherlock Holmes 2.

But a movie I think I'd really like to see would be Sherlock Colmbs, starring Sean P. Diddy Colmbs. Just imagine the possibilities.


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