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June 2009

HippoJuice News Archives from June 2009:

To Eat Señor Frog? | LIVE from the Compound | Florida Supercon | Hippojuice wins Special Delivery!

6/24/09: To Eat, or Not to Eat, Señor Frog?

Katie HJ

Article by
Katie "Puts it in her Mouth" Gemignani

There he was in front of me, taunting me with his buff thighs and fried in something to cover up those long, toned legs. But there was no fooling me.

Frog legs.

To eat, or not to eat, that is the question.

Katie with Frog LegsAll I kept thinking to myself was this frog must have worked out. His thighs were massive. All that jumping I suppose (or weight lifting). I imagined the other frogs would see him at least three times a week at the little frog gym doing squats. They were all so jealous of his sculpted legs and agility. I imagined the rest of him was rock hard and chiseled too, like the Arnold Swarzinagger of frogs in his prime.  

I don't think a frog this buff would have been caught and turned into my dinner so easily. He would have been a fighter. I mean- LOOK at those thighs. I think maybe it was a trap, set by the other frogs who couldn't take his popularity and good looks.

This is how I think it went down:

A couple of flabby frogs who didn't like our ripped friend here decided they were done with him being the model specimen for frogs everywhere. See, they knew he was a good frog citizen and if any other frog was put in harm's way and he was there to stop it, he would. So the plan was this: one of them would play the decoy outside a market where they sell frogs for food. Of course they would somehow get the attention of the people inside the market…maybe a dance or something. Then, one of them would tip off "Super Legs McGee" and he would come to the rescue. Meanwhile, the decoy would casually jump out of the way and "Mister Ab's" would be caught instead. Fail-proof plan.

Those bastards! How could they turn this hero of a frog into my dinner, nay, my appetizer!?

All this went through my head for the first two seconds, and then I took a big bite into "Senor sexy thigh's" juicy quads. How often do you get the opportunity to eat frog legs? How were they you ask? Tasty, kind of like chicken, but not. Would I do it again? Probably not. Maybe it was that they really looked like frog legs, with the little frog flipper and all, that freaked me out a bit. Or maybe it was the back story I gave this amphibian. Either way, I could do without eating another frog leg for the rest of my life.

I salute you frog!

6/15/09: LIVE from the HippoCompound

Marie HJ

Article by
Marie "The Hole" Sarkisian

Hippojuice's Royce, John, and Marie traveled long and far to the great land of Long Island to visit well known radio show host Anthony Cumia on June 13th.

The goal? The long awaited cross-podcast between Live from the Compound and Hippojuicefilm. Click on "ON-DEMAND" and choose part 2 of the 6/13 show to see the replay:

Saturday night, 1/2 of Hippojuice was invited to the Compound to discuss key issues such as NYC parking scammers, Floridian air conditioning scammers, Anthony's podcast setup, how livestream and ustream are both troublesome, and Danny's drunken slumber. Also, we were the first to break the "all male" policy of the Compound by putting Marie in the high seat.

Unfortunately, the power in his studio kicked off after a while, so we had to end the show early.

If you are unaware, HippoJuice was the first show Anthony saw when exploring what is now formerly Mogulus. He now has a very successful broadcast on www.livestream.com/anthonyradio and he will tell you when he is live via his Twitter: twitter.com/anthonycumia.

Anthony has been having trouble with his live replays, so be sure to click on the on-demand section to get both the audio and the video of each show.

Both Live from the Compound and Hippojuicefilm have also created Ustream accounts because Livestream has been having some issues, but both agree that Livestream is still the better of the two and will continue to stream from Livestream for now.

Special EdAs always, HippoJuice's podcast is Wednesday nights from 7-10 p.m. on www.livestream.com/hippojuicefilm.

Finally, HippoJuice would like to officially thank Anthony Cumia for being a fantastic host. We hope everyone enjoyed the show!

PS - Special thanks to Special Eddy for finding us in Manhattan and yelling out to us at the top of his lungs! It made our day.


6/08/09: Movie Trailer Premiere at Florida Supercon

Katie HJ

Article by
Katie "Sticky HippoJuice Head" Gemignani

Hippojuice went to the big screen this weekend at the Florida Supercon, where we premiered our newest video The Walking Dead Fan Trailer. With an Daniel Loganamazing intro animation by Ron Shachar, and the brilliant filming and acting skills of the Hippojuice members…I don’t even have to tell you how big of a hit it was. It was a fun filled weekend at the Supercon, and we had a Hippojuice booth set up right in the middle of the actors. Throughout the weekend we had people coming and asking us if they should know us; I will let you imagine the responses we gave them and how much we messed with people. But it was even more fun when people actually did know who were from just coming across us on the internet and becoming fans. But let’s get back to the main event of the weekend: the video reveal.

We were back stage, waiting to go up in front of a couple thousand people who were eagerly awaiting…the Live Action Smash Brother’s Show….oh yeah, and us. As we listened back stage to the costume contest finishing up, we marveled at the costumes of the winners walking past us to accept their awards. It was all very exciting and we were ready to wow the crowd, but like most things with Hippojuice, not everything goes smoothly.

We waited as the costumed Yoshi took the stage in her full body costume. Double Ash We all watched, as if in slow motion, as she climbed the stairs with her oversized yellow feet, and then it happened. Like out of a movie, one of those large feet slipped off the stair and flew off her foot. Thank goodness for the giant Yoshi head or the girl’s own head would have smashed against the railing as she tripped. But don’t worry folks, she made a full recovery, retrieved her shoe and made it to the stage to accept her award. Oh, and that was not the only trip off those fateful stairs that night. Another fully costumed character that I was not familiar with, also with a giant head, slipped coming down from the stage. I guess when they made those amazing costumes they did not factor in being able to see clearly and climbing things. We of course chuckled slightly amongst ourselves (how could you not after seeing life size cartoon characters falling off stairs) and we waited for our turn to hit the stage.

Katie dances DanaThe announcer half-assedly announced that Hippojuice had something to show the audience, but before we were able to go out and talk about ourselves and introduce the video, they started to play it. So we awkwardly walked out from behind the stage to take part in the debut of our video on the big screen. It seemed like it got a good response. Then when it was over we managed to have them show Puppy Planes on the big screen too. This got some good chuckles out of the audience as well. But of course it got cut off by the sound guy half way into the song. No worries; at least we got our name out there. It was turning out to be a great night and a great weekend, and then we realized that someone had stolen Nathan’s Macbook laptop computer.


Royce showing the walking dead

I guess our videos didn’t go over as well as we thought. Or someone was so jealous of our talent and fame that they had a vendetta against Hippojuice. Either way, we certainly didn’t think some of these socially awkward people were capable of theft. But now we know better. This was a great loss for Hippojuice and Nathan. It is the kidnapping of one of our Hippojuice family. This laptop was the voice of the podcast, a tool of the trade, and had sentimental value to Nathan.

This is the time when we need your help faithful Hippojuice fans. I won’t be so bold as to straight up ask you guys for money, so I will say it in a round about way. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated so that we can afford to get a new laptop for Nathan.
Any fundraising ideas? Donations? Anyone…?

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6/01/09: VICTORY! Hippojuice wins Special Delivery!

Do you remember this Zombie?

Royce Zombie

Well thanks to your help, so will filmfights.com.

With a total of 228 votes, Justin Johnson and the rest of the worthy competitors were out done by Hippojuice's Special Delivery.

There have been lots of complaints on the filmfights message boards about the length of our film, but apparently victory doesn't have a time limit.

Thanks to everyone who voted to make our short film count.

Directed by Ryan Lopez
Starring: Nathan Aaron, Royce Lopez and Marie Sarkisian

Now we need your help once more in a call in arms for our next brawl.

As the ever so diligent fan of Hippojuice, visit filmfights.com once more and cast your vote for Gay Detective. There might even be a bumper sticker in it for you. We really do appreciate every vote and we might even through a victory podcast pool party for all of our voters.

So please vote again and vote for Hippojuicefilm's Gay Detective:



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