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March 2009

HippoJuice News Archives from March 2009:

HippoJuice at MegaCon!! | Cosplayas | HippoJuice Talks to Billy West

3/8/09: HippoJuice at MegaCon!!

Many of you may saw Nathan, Royce and Marie at MegaCon, which was February 27 - March 1, 2009. HippoJuice made the trip to Orlando to get footage for our new documentary: Cosplayaz (trailer coming soon).

We also spoke to Dan Didio (DC comic's Vice President) about the DC universe and what exactly the impact of Final Crisis will be. Didio goes into each one of the world altering crises in our interview, but he specifically said that Final Crisis is to be played out for the long run, setting the stage for Battle of the Cowl, Flash Rebirth and Green Lantern's Blackest Night.


He spoke about how anyone who may have died tragically in recent years will be represented in some shape or form as a Black Lantern (excuse me, African American Lantern). Hopefully we will get Martian Man Hunter, Bart Allen, Ralph Dibny, Sue Dibny and especially Ted Kord.

When asked about the complexity of Grant Morrison's work, he replied by reminding us all who Grant Morrison is and how it makes Grant... Grant! Just as they plan to use this story as leverage for the next following events, he explains that it all comes together as a completed work/collection.

"No one would want to buy a comic book they could read and understand standing at the rack." said Didio.

We at Hippojuice enjoy comics that involve decoders and many visits to wikipedia.

****** SPOILERS ******

The ending of Final Crisis involved a machine that grants wishes, creatively called the dream machine. Superman made a magical wish using the dream machine for a happy ending. The wish magically sent Bruce Wayne back in time and resolved many of the loose ends of the plot in Final Crisis. Yes, Batman is now in the past with dinosaurs! Was it cheap using a plot device that was not involved in the issues of Final Crisis to solve its main conflict?

Didio said, "Yes, Morrison was using elements not in the main plot of Final Crisis but these are elements that exist in the DC universe so it's fair game."

When asked about plans to use Bruce in the future Didio explained the reality is the tense would be used because it already happened if it was in the past, which sounds like we can expect Bruce having a presence in the future of DC. I expect he will be leaving clues and love notes for Tim and Dick. If you didn't understand Dan's wit about past tense and present tense, I suggest you read it again, much like Final Crisis.

Many fans thought they would never live to see the day that Batman would use a gun. Unfortunately for some that day has come too soon: Bruce has broken the vow he made to his parents, millions were enslaved by Darkseid, and Ted Kord is still dead. Not really a happy ending in my book.

We do love Dan Didio and DC comics, but as comics readers we must satisfy our urge to complain. If you'd like to see the complete interview and segments of his panel at MegaCon '09 check it out here.

3/1/09: Cosplayas

HippoJuice is currently in production of an independent documentary called Cosplayaz. The documentary delves into the lives of people who dress up un costume and attend comic conventions.

Cosplayaz   Cosplayaz

2/8/09: HippoJuice Talks to Billy West

In the Winter Florida Supercon convention, HippoJuice had the pleasure of doing a live podcast with Billy West. During the podcast, and also during his panel discussion earlier that day, Billy explained that Fox may be in discussion to start Futurama up again for a 6th season, due to good DVD sales.

Billy West


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