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May 2010

HippoJuice News Archives from May 2010:

LOST Series Finale Thoughts

5/24/10: LOST Series Finale: My Thoughts


Article by
Marie Sarkisian
aka "I bawled my eyes out last night"
aka "I'm sorry for ever doubting you LOST."

I went to bed last night after Kimmel ended at 1am and got up at 6am, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around what I saw last night, without starting to cry again from thinking of Vincent lying down next to Jack as he closes his eyes (the writers were just jerks for pulling that one!). But what I do know is that the LOST series finale was one of the most moving, powerful, and well written series endings I have seen in my lifetime.

The last article I wrote was doubting the writers and where they were going with the plot. I'm sorry for ever doubting you.

I'm only going to write about what I think I can grasp. This article might be edited later as I gather more of my thoughts together. But I'm going to start from what I read from the writers season one, and from what characters said in the show.

  1. I still believe the Island was real and the characters were alive.
    The LOST writers said season one that the Island was NOT heaven, hell, purgatory, a dream, or that the characters were all dead. So I'm going to go with the idea that the characters were really alive those 3 years (plus time travel) and that their deaths were their actual deaths and not just a test of their souls moving on in some already occurring purgatory.

  2. I believe the Island was located in our time, and did time travel.
    I always liked the idea of the scientific with the mystical approach to explaining the Island. And if the characters were alive, the Island had to have really done all these things. I really believe that the electromagnetism that was there cause most of the weird stuff - like why people had a hard time finding it, and the time travel physics, but there is some higher power that also did some of the insanely weird stuff on the Island - like it's healing factor or the fact Richard didn't age until the Island almost died. LOST was a story that you had to have a certain amount of suspended disbelief about. I'm taking it like Homer's Odyssey.

  3. I believe Jack had to go to the Island to believe in destiny.
    Jack was such a man of science, logic, and reasoning, that he had to go to the craziest place on earth to learn to let go of everything and do what he needed to do. He was connected to these people and had a purpose in his life, but I don't think he would have accepted that fate anywhere else.

  4. I believe the 815 crew moved on together but others had other destinations.
    Except for a select few, like Penny and Desmond, the church was only filled with the flight 815 crew. Ben did not go, Faraday did not go. I think those two wanted to stay in the "purgatory" to be with their family longer - Eloise and Alex. I think Michael wasn't there because he didn't pass his test in life, and probably became a whisper on the Island. I think Walt wasn't there because he's 8 feet tall, and I think Mr. Eko wasn't there because he pissed off the LOST writers when he asked for more money.

Now, as for what I think about that final non-denominational church ending scene and the flash sideways - I feel like that was the purgatory, and EVERYONE'S purgatory - not just Jack's. On and off the island, most of those characters did have deaths. They also all started appearing in these flash sideways, that seemed to link closer and closer to the Island and the people. I think one of the most significant linkages was where Juliet said "You wanna get a cup of coffee?" to Sawyer because that is what she said when she died. I think when she died in his arms she had some out of body experience that she knew she would say that to him when they met in death.

It seems that each person had to remember what meant the most to them in life and how they died before they could move on to heaven. But what I still don't get is what linked them so strongly in the first place. What did those numbers mean? And why was Desmond able to withstand the time traveling and electromagnetism better than the others? And why.... oh my brain hurts.

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