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October 2009

HippoJuice News Archives from October 2009:

Hippos in NYC

10/19/09: The Hippos in NYC Part 2 - Ron, Fez, and the Con


Article by
Marie "Big Apple Bottom" Sarkisian

Yes, Hippojuice (Royce and Marie) revisited the Big city this past weekend for the Big Con - the Big Apple Comic Con to be exact. And we couldn't have had a better time!

Friday, we missed the opening of the con to visit the Ron and Fez Show on Sirius/XM channel 202 the Virus. If you listen to the replay on 10/16/09 at around 2:40pm you'll hear us giving Ron the gift of the Oliva cigars.

After the show, we met up with Big A and Rich W.(UnLEARN!) from losetheradio.net, and then even later Frenchy for a evening in Greenwich Village... Greenwich Village... chai iced tea... Soho Tribune...

Saturday we picked up our press badges and met up with many of our fellow podcasters and bloggers from geekerdome.com and losetheradio.net: Big Kev and OG Matt from Big Kev's Geek Stuff, MurdaPhace from geekerdome.com, NoFate from the NoFate and Razor Show to name a few. We even got to talk to Anthony, Sam, Erock, and Fat Matt from the Opie and Anthony Show, and saw Fez again for a brief moment. Everyone enjoyed the con.

Unfortunately, the stars were charging $10 for pictures, so we don't have too much to show for our trip, but we can assure you it was a massive convention. I had fun getting denied a bump by Kathy Najimy when I asked her to say "You're listening to HippoJuice" in the Peggy Hill voice (I'm not sure what she's protecting there?)

We spotted walking around: Scott Adsit from 30 Rock, Erick Avari from Mr. Deeds (yes, that's what I reference him from), Ernie Hudson IN the Ghostbusters jumpsuit, and the Iron Sheik being wheeled back and forth from the bathroom. Who we didn't spot was William Shatner, who probably spent a total of 3 hours there the whole weekend.

There were tons and tons of artists, toys, comics, and other geek collectibles. What was lacking were seats. I spend a good 30 minutes just chilling on the floor in the back, and then we commandeered the booth where Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry were sitting before they left. I think we kept getting slanted looks not because we stole the booth, but because from a distance my hair made me look like Adrianne and Royce could have passed for the wrestler Taz.

After the con, about 14 of us walked into Times Square for dinner and met up with Ken and Cheryl from Flic(k) Podcast. I tell you, it was a podcasting nerd's paradise!

To all the fans of geekerdome.com and losetheradio.net, you are in for some good podcasts this week.

As for next year, there are already rumors that the Big Apple Comic Con and the New York Comic Con will be held on the same weekend a couple blocks from each other. This couldn't be a more stupid move on the coordinators of both cons. Didn't anyone think to check, or do they like splitting their fans and profits? As next year gets closer, we will let you know which one we choose to go to, because we will be going back next year!

Everyone we met was awesome; Royce and I had a fantastic time. Now we just have to wait two weeks for the Geekerdome.com Disney Meetup!


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