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HippoJuice Contests

Previous HippoJuice Contests and Winners

MORE LIKE RADIO 10 SECOND Gorilla Marketing Campaign

More Like Radio

This isn't your typical contest - this is just a way to get your new favorite website, www.morelikeradio.com, some traction in the world-wide interwebs. What Mr. Ryan Lopez asked of our listeners on 4/18/2012 is that you guys send us a 10 second video - OF ANYTHING - and at the end, have it freeze and say "morelikeradio.com." We will put all the videos on our YouTube channel youtube.com/morelikeradio.

So, send us your random 10 second More Like Radio video here: morelikeradio@gmail.com

HippoJuice Dubstep Challenge

Use one of our beats, or your own, and edit in clips from the HippoJuice Show to make your own professional sounding hip hip or techno song!

The Rules: Don't do anything illegal, and use at least one of the sound drops listed below.

Send us your songs to hippojuicefilm@yahoo.com.

Download: Dubstep Song #1

Download: Dubstep Song #2

Download: Dubstep Song #3

Dutch: All I want is a nice hard cock in my ass

Dutch: Muttering botch

Dutch: OMG Mitch your dick is so big

Dutch: OOOO hold on a second

Dutch: I am so badly ingured

Dutch: Ooooh yeah I do remember that

John: Dumb

John: Schreak

John: Pfffth

John: Wuhhuht sound

John: Yehtoouht sound

John: Jerked off Nathan in a parking lot

John: Likes

John: Wooo

Marie: You're a Phone!

Marie: aaaahiie!

Marie: Analize anal annihilation botch

Marie: Ffffan page

Marie: I would put her left titty in my mouth

Marie: Singing stupid

Marie: Kilidascope of microphones

Marie: Wooo 1

Marie: Wooo 2

Marie: Wooo 3

Marie: Yay clapping

Shaun: Talking Black

Group: Yell

HippoJuice Cohost Trivia Challenge

We have a new ongoing game! Challenge one of the HippoJuice cohosts to a trivia challenge for a chance at a prize, or a chance to punish one of them, all at the role of a dice. Each member of the show holds an category of expertise:

  • Royce: Wrestling
  • Ryan: Rock Music
  • Marie: The Simpsons
  • John: Entourage

Call in to our live show (954-573-2780) and say "I challenge ____ to a trivia contest!" and the game is on! If you do not stump us, you will get the consolation prize HippoJuice AutoTunes the Hits CD. But if you DO stump us, you get a chance to either win something from our prize closet, or a chance to inflict a punishment on one of us!

HippoJuice Podcast Intro Contest

Let's be honest. HippoJuice has the funniest and most talented listeners in the internet radio world. We asked the loyal listeners to make a new podcast intro for our show, brimming with their favorite quotes and one-liners.

Criteria for the intros were:

  1. Needed to be no longer than 1 minute long
  2. Needed to have audio clips from the HippoJuice show
  3. It needed to say HippoJuice somewhere in the intro

Other than that, we allowed the listeners to go nuts! They pulled audio from either our iTunes account or blog.hippojuice.com.

Winner: Dutch won the contest, and received a UFC DVD signed by the president of UFC himself, Dana White.
Runner up: Chim, received some unsigned UFC dvds.

Click here to listen to Dutch's HippoJuice Podcast Intro

Geekerdome T-Shirt Contest: Disney Halloween Meetup

Geekerdome tshirtGeekerdome was in Disney World in Halloween 2009, and needed T-Shirts to represent!

THE RULES: To design a t-shirt for Geekerdome.com to wear in Disney World this Halloween. Criteria for the t-shirt were:

1. Needed to have the Geekerdome.com logo on it
2. Needed to have something related to Disney on it
3. It needed to say Halloween 2009 on it
4. It had to be family-friendly (we will have to wear these in Disney World)

PRIZE: The winner would get one of the t-shirts, and feel happy about all they accomplished.

Winner: Chim, but this bit was never finished due to the fact that no one wants to wear a lame group t-shirt in a public place.

Photoshop Nakia Mann Contest

Ruby Rhode NakiaNakia thinks there are no good black characters in comics, so we came up with this contest to create the greatest black super hero of all time. The quest was simple: to make a costume for Nakia Mann for the June Florida SuperCon.

  1. Could be a black, white, man, woman, child, hero, villain
  2. Super powers or no super powers
  3. Cannot be Batman
  4. Must be for a human to wear

Winner: Domino, who recived the first four copies of Zoom suit signed by Nakia Mann, SuperCon tickets and a copy of Watchmen.

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