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HippoJuice Podcast: Live Show VIP Friends

If you're new to the show, these are some of the loyal listeners that we may reference or quote from time to time.

  1. Niggity - One of our oldest and most loyal listeners. Also TRUELY hates Ryan. But loves heavy metal.
    1. For the show: He's made the famous "4Chan Room Raid" sound bite. The voices are his kids.

  2. Chimheil- Our best photoshop artist. He's created plenty of images using HippoJuice's name, as well as competed in some HippoJuice contests like the "The HippoJuice Podcast Intro Contest."
    1. For the show: You can still buy the "Women in the Kitchen" stickers series on our Zazzle.com page

  3. Alphabet - Our #1 PayPal donator. He's the guy that makes us look and sound good. So give him your respect.

  4. JoelDutch - The HippoJuice go-to sound bite guy. If it sounds good, he probably made it.
    1. For the show: All the bomb clips, one of the podcast intros, plus some other sound clips. He won the HippoJuice Podcast Intro Contest.

  5. Uncle Paul - A HippoJuice Livestream chat monitor and avid #FF pusher of the entire HippoJuice crew. He's quiet, but has some great comments.

  6. BigDickMcGee - aka BDM, he really hates John, sometimes hates Ryan, but always loves Marie

  7. Parcelboy - The official HippoJuice player, hell bent on stealing Marie away from Royce.

  8. Domino - Marie's college art buddy. He's also contributed some good photoshopped images for the "Photoshop Nakia Mann" contest.

  9. GeekStuffOG - He's effin famous! Part of the Geekerdome family, Geekstuff is 1/2 of Big Kev's Geek Stuff and loves Handcock.

  10. FlickDude - The creator of "EchoFace" and also part of the Geekerdome family.

  11. AV Dad - Our own personal AV guy, he's made us a bunch of new chords for our mics.

  12. Thomas Overbeck - Not only is he a great comic artist (you can see his work on Geekerdome) but he's also done some voice over work for the show.
    1. For the show: The call-in audio clips are actually Thomas's voice!

  13. NoFate - Co-Host of the podcast The Radio Freaks on LoseTheRadio after us.

  14. WoodFloorLicker - A frequent caller, and also an active LoseTheRadio member. Also hosts BPS Radio and The Radio Freaks.

  15. Deviant_1 - He has contributed more than a few good lines to our awesome show, as well as some monetary contributions to our awesome paypal.

  16. WestrnEcho - "Coz at least i'm no oven." WestrnEcho is a loyal listener who donates his blood, sweat, and tears to this show.

  17. madsatcom - He listens when he can and contributes nothing. But he know famous people (@geekstuffog @murdaphace @flickdude) and how to split a dinner bill.

  18. MurdaPhace - We like him, and he gives us really good movie reviews that don't take forever to read on Geekerdome.

  19. Madbam - A Paltalk / LoseTheRadio friend of HippoJuice who will be a famous B lister soon enough. We expect to get some DVD's of his work soon!

  20. Dino - some great lines, some great times, and always great support

  21. RFRube - The best HippoJuice Twitter promoter and foursquare.com stalker.

  22. Rich_Woods - Another LoseTheRadio podcaster, and host of The UnLearn! Show

HippoJuice Show Twitter Accounts to follow

  1. PetqwkPetkwql - The sick foreigner from Eastern Europe who loves his Ginger Ale and milks humming birds for a living.

  2. HJcluckles - Cluckles is a rooster who sometimes chimes in to the HippoJuice Show. He is known for the John and Cluckles show, a very popular podcast. Cluckles always makes very witty, perceptive comments.

  3. OfficeHulk - Hulk always have office issues. He very smart and have good ideas for company. HR always getting on Hulk's back. Hulk compain. #HulkOfficeProblems

HippoJuice WOMEN Listeners! (Yeah, we got a couple)

  1. thetruthie - She comes up with a new nickname for John every show, like Johnny Snowglobes. She also LOVES scissoring.

  2. Lady_Trucker - Big Ass Hippo Herd Harlot card holder 1

  3. FNSnatch - Big Breasted hippo herd Harlot card holder 2

*If you want to be on this list you gotta give us a good reason why. :-) - Tweet @hjuicemarie


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