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About HippoJuice

HippoJuice: (hïp•pō•juice).

The Hippojuice Show is a hilarious live streaming comedy podcast featured on the internet radio station morelikeradio.com Wednesday nights from 7-9pm EST. Along with numerous personal stories from the cast, we enjoy talking about movies, TV, music, pop culture, and news.

: Royce Lopez, Joel Van Wingerden, John Sanzari, Marie Lopez, Dee Bajurin and Shaun Warters (see HippoPeeps)

2. Hippojuice (noun): A nickname given to someone who may look like a combination of a hippopotamus and the character Beetlejuice.

Used in a sentence:

1. HippoJuice is my favorite internet radio show! 2. I just had sex with Hippojuice.

  • An individual HippoJuice fan is referred to as a "Problem."
  • A group of HippoJuice fans are referred to as being a "Hippo Herd."

Celebrity interviews include: Billy West (voice actor), Phil Lord and Chris Miller (directors of 21 Jump Street), Rich Vos (comedian), Tommy Wiseau (writer/actor/director/producer), East Side Dave McDonald, Erik (Erock) Nagel and Prime Time Sam Roberts (Sirius/XM radio hosts), Joe DeRosa (comedian), James Urbaniak (voice actor), Otto Peterson (Otto and George), and Jim Jeffries (comedian).

Fun Fact: HippoJuice used to close its podcast with the song "Still Alive" from the video game Portal until Portal 2 came out. Now see our Portal 2 closing video.

HippoJuice History

The name name started it all; with a word like 'HippoJuice' how can you not create a comedy podcast and YouTube channel? That’s exactly what Nate, Royce, Ryan, John, Jason, and Marie did in 2004.  HippoJuice the movie

We started out humble – one small handicam, iMovie editing, and stories that were rough around the edges and unprofessional. But with every new idea, we got bigger and better, with inspirations like the Lonely Island, Tim & Eric, and Weird Al. We eventually got better cameras, lights, microphones, computers, software, and a green screen!

Our projects got more ambitious over time. We started out with video improv, then moved onto writing scripts, music, then hosting a podcast. Now, most of the members of Hippojuice also run the internet radio station More Like Radio, where the three Hippojuice shows (Dutch and Royce and The Fifth Circle are the other two honorable mentions) air Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

HippoJuice has recorded live at the comic store War and Pieces, had a cross over podcast with Anthony Cumia's Live from the Compound, and guest appeared on the Ron and Fez Show and Big Kev's Geek Stuff on Sirius 197 / XM 202 Satellite Radio.

The HippoJuice live comedy podcast is always evolving. We have guests come and go, phone interviews, video and audio bits, contests, and whatever we can imagine (or our listeners for that matter!)

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