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HippoJuice Podcast archives

  1. TSA Posts Stolen iPad For Sale on Craig's List and Goes to Doggupy Wall Street
  2. Green Day Is Not Justin Bieber and John Was Molested In A Pool By Replacement Refs
  3. Secret Celebrity Scientologist Hate Replacement Refs and Lilo and Stitch Porn
  4. How to Get Rid of Pests Vegan Style and #MLRSmear2012 Plays Obama on HipHop Stations
  5. Dutch gets a DUI Because of What people from 1899 thought the year 2000 would look like
  6. Woman sues Dallas Cowboys Over Boner Putty and Domestic violence after aborted orgy
  7. Top 25 most overrated movies and F-Bomb and Bromance Added to the Dictionary
  8. James Holmes Fan Club Makes John's Grandma interrupt The show
  9. The Dark Knight Rises Because Man Sets Fire To Nuclear Submarine and Gives Policeman a Taco
  10. ERMAHGERD Sage Stalone Overdosed and TSA Finds worlds Largest Unit
  11. Tosh Apologizes For Rape Jokes and Tom Cruise Can Read Minds
  12. Hippojuice Fourth of July Spectacular
  13. TSA Fingers Dead Grandpa and Utah Judge Cuts Girl's Hair Because Jenny McCarthy Doesn't Report Rape
  14. Apple Does Like Iran and First Day of Summer's Bad Songs
  15. Wasabi Jean Attacks Teachers Gay Sex Threesome
  16. Sandusky Love Letters and What Human Flesh Taste like
  17. The Carnival Dream is a Floating death Trap and Miami Zombies eat Hidden Fast Food
  18. Crazy Nebraska Lady Protests LGBT Kid Psychopaths and The Dictator Has Great Jokes
  19. John Travolta gives Dolphins Heroin and Nutella Lawsuit more Frivolous than North Carolina Gay Marriages
  20. Junior Seau Protests May Day and Daniel Chong Likes PeePee instead of NYC Happy Hour
  21. Jon Lovitz Hates Obama and Dan Marino Gets Drunk On Hand Sanitizer
  22. Mel Gibson screams Dick Clark to Death and Hot Problems Use Gorilla Marketing
  23. Bob Levy Calls In and CNN anchor works Blue HippoJuice Show
  24. Steve Hofstetter Calls In, Adam Sandler beat's Kutcher and Kelly's ratings, & Social Media AZ Laws
  25. God Hates Brick Stone, Erock talks Shorty Awards and Joe Derosa Talks Comedy Industry
  26. Jim Jeffries Interview: Sideways Vaginas, Ecstasy, and Old Fashioned Racism
  27. Bear Grylls Chronic Masturbation Will Cause The South To Rise Again
  28. Famous Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller Interview Silliness - 21 Jump Street, Lego Movie, & Wiping Directions
  29. Slow Loris John Makes Fun of the Oscars and Pollock Jokes / Golden Eye A.D.D.
  30. Otto and George Talks about Eddie Murphy, Lobster Boy, and Getting Stabbed
  31. Zack Gonzalez Promotes Comedy Tour for Autism and Jeremy Lin Can't Make Coffee
  32. John Stand Up Wax Down Drunk Bikini Show & Superbowl 2012 Rundown
  33. Double Vision Changes Sex Bases and Christina Aguilera Sings Her Ovaries Out
  34. Ron Paul Supports @hippojuicefilm in Shorty Awards #WebShow & 2012 Oscar Nominations Release Glenn Close
  35. John Hammer Rips off Lethal Weapon and SOPA / PIPA Fires the Italian Concordia Captain
  36. Marie's Manic Monday and Extra Secret Bonus Show
  37. 2012 Brings More Dinosaur Jokes and Usher/Bieber Greater Than Lennon/McCarthy
  38. John's Stand Up Taze Down and the 2011 Year End HippoJuice Botch List Christmas Special
  39. Webinar Synergy brings the Todd Marinovich to the Table and 2011 Canceled TV Shows
  40. The Muppets are Communists and Old Man Lopez and Colin Quinn find SNL Offensive
  41. RIP Patrice O'Neal and Wyclef Jean Hates Haiti
  42. Joe Paterno Coaches the Phoenicians and John And Nate Vs Robocop and Sting
  43. Penn State's Sandusky Gives Big 10 A New Meaning and Walmart Doctors Scare Us
  44. Scarlett Johansson Admits Pizza Dare and Clyde Drexler Saves Ron Weasley
  45. Patrice O'neal Stroke makes Nun Steal 300,000 Babies and PETA sues Sea World
  46. J Bieber, First Name Last Name Dubstep and J Sanzari People's Court meets No No Cat
  47. Qwikster Tops Disastrous Product Launches and Hilary Swank wishes Happy Birthday Bambalam
  48. Steve Jobs dies during Occupy Wall Street #OWS and Are Mummies Zombies?
  49. Five Reasons Women Should Change and Bullies are Better in Person
  50. Amy Schumer burns Steve-O with Ryan Dunn Joke and Netflix Says It's Sorry
  51. Ryan's an Olympic Gymnast & Scarlett Johansson Nude Pictures Are Someone Else's Nice Ass
  52. Comedian Katt Williams Doesn't Apologize for America and Director Phil Lord Interview on 21 Jump Street
  53. Shaun gets Gangsta with the Luminaries and John Gets the Heimlich Maneuver
  54. Rape Friendly Review from Podcast Squared, Tebow Earthquake Hurricane, and Intelligent Politics from Shaun
  55. John's Tank Tops and Retard Rape Apology Hippojuice Podcast
  56. Captain Save A Hoe Gives Cockpit Blowjob and Miss World Loses Crown Over Six Pounds
  57. Walmart Food Stamps Don't Work Because of the Government's Debt Ceiling & Steven Spielberg's Must See Movie List
  58. Hulk Leaves The Avengers for Office Spin Off & Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga have Bad Hair
  59. Hot Pilates and Alternative Yoga & Pinky Popping is OK When Girls Crowd Surf - The Sing Along
  60. Brent C Applewood Loves Poodles and Derek Jeters Gold Balls
  61. Casey Anthony's Dead Baby Jokes Answer All Questions & Carlos Fun Trivia Facts
  62. Best Friends (BF) enjoy Healthy Snacks & Lebron James is a Two Way Player: The FCC Show
  63. Rogert Ebert drinks Apple Infused Horse Semen and the Stream of Conscious Game
  64. Tracy Morgan Brings Back Retard word, Jewry annihilation, Apple Geniuses, & Shaq Sex Tape
  65. Juanita buys Forever 21 and Ashton Kutcher buys Iowa
  66. Oprah's Baby Factories and Charlie B. Barking Learns Three Gay Sex Positions
  67. Johns Catch 22 Cleft Palate Car Clubs and Planking Vs Pegging
  68. Speaking In Horse Dicks In Fulton Illinois and The Johnny English Show Radio War
  69. Blue Ball Group at Aqua Girl and Jackie Chan Zombie Sex
  70. The Wholetones Rock Dr Venture James Urbaniak and Dildo the House Elf
  71. Hippojuice Best of Show Number 3
  72. Pot is fun and Happy Birthday Mr Hitler
  73. Selina Gomez Biggest Fan and John's Fake Friendship With Kobe Bryant
  74. The Wholetones and Why America Rocks at Basketball
  75. Barefoot CUNTessa and Homeless Billboards
  76. Gay There's An App For That and 5 Hour Energy Helps Domestic Violence
  77. RIP Nate Dogg and It's Friday Frid.... DIE
  78. Rush Hospital Rocks and Why Do I Keep Getting Incepted
  79. Mama The Clown and Roberto The Piss Fairy
  80. Who Makes Fun Of War Heroes and Johns Grand Cheese Scandal
  81. How Dames Should Act In The Workplace and Lets Make Some Homemade Coke
  82. Its a Handicap World After All and Toni Kukoc Ford
  83. Groundhogs Day and Comcast Rape Kits
  84. Intro So Nice We Played It Twice and Oscar Talk For Straight Guys
  85. Rape Buses for Everyone and Jurassic Mammoth Park
  86. EdgeFM Syndication and the Return of Pearl John
  87. Women Are the New Blacks and Touching side boob Socially acceptable!
  88. Super Chirstmas Spectacular and John's SHOTS SHOTS SHOT Birthday
  89. Will Switzerland Loves Incest and Poop by the Wii
  90. How Deep Are Puerto Rican Vaginas and Flub List
  91. Dock and Squat Gay Lawyers and Bitch Better Not Be Leaking
  92. In Our Opinion It's Thanksgiving and Old Man Lopez Checks In
  93. Spoil Movies for Royce and John VS Ryan This time it's personal!
  94. Kidz Bop Sexy Time and John the taser king of the world!
  95. Puking Wolverine and 11 year old booty shaking
  96. Now thats what I call Christian Rock 1999 and Boner Cookies
  97. Calvin Klein Gang Rape and 10 ways to tell your Girl she is a fat slob
  98. Worst interviewee ever and Mersh and Stugots Intervention
  99. "Gearing Up!" The Washington Condor Story and Special Guest Comedian Mersh
  100. Katy Perry Muppet Tits and Tard touchdown
  101. John likes to kiss men and silly bickering
  102. NOT the Google Games and More like the VM-GAYS!
  103. Progeria Arms and 1 in 4 girls are asking for it!
  104. James Cameron is a Pussy and Cotton Picking President
  105. Disney Tards and Star Wars Virgins
  106. Special HippoJuice Crossover Featuring Dutch and Royce and Hollywood Jason Rape Accordion Double Gay-Bow
  107. Joe DeRosa interview and futball the Devils Sport
  108. Prime Time Sam Roberts Interview and Super Sloppy Double Dare
  109. East Side Dave Interview and Dude Bros
  110. Tech Support and Google Games
  111. Tommy Wiseau "Oh hi Mark"
  112. Stand Up Shoot Down Hippojuice Podcast
  113. Best Of 2 Hippojuice Podcast
  114. "Here's the thing" Co-staring Rich Vos
  115. Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch! (Phil Lord Interview)
  116. The Anthony Cumia show featuring Hippojuice
  117. Drugs, sex and Rock & Roll: The Billy West story

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