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Yeah, we're actually going to try to make one.
You know who already has? Chim - check out Hot Head Productions.

Cosplayaz Documentary


HippoJuice is currently shooting an independent documentary, Cosplayaz, which focuses on people who dress in costume for comic conventions.

Here you can see the movie poster.

The documentary is predominantly focused on three cosplayers: Allison Kouns, Cristine Pena, and Black Vincent. We are following these three cosplayers in and out of conventions to document the story of how they got into cosplay, what they like and don't like about cosplay, and the experiences they have had cosplaying.

Cosplay, we have found, is more than just costumes. It is a transformation. It is creative, it is laborious, it is both a hobby and a job. There is drama and intrigue. And most importantly, there are relationships.

So far, we have attended Broward Anime Festival, MegaCon, Eyecon, FX! International, and Florida Supercon

If you would like to be a part of the HippoJuice documentary, Cosplayaz, please contact us via email: hippojuicefilm@yahoo.com


See the good.

See the ugly.

See the intrigue.

See the Costplayaz.

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